Training and Consultancy FAQ

What do the online courses involve?

The online courses consist of video content and handouts, including a summary poster and reflective journal. 


The courses have been designed so you can purchase them and watch them as many times as you would like, and so that more than one team member can watch them. This means you can use them for whole setting training and play them to everyone, or you can give team members the login details for them to watch the training individually.


Please note that a certificate can be provided at the end of the course but the online system only has capacity for one certificate. If you would like a PDF of a blank certificate so you can print and add your team members names in, please email me and I will happily send it over to you.

How much do the courses cost?

Face to face:

If the setting is within 65 miles of Haslemere, Surrey, the fees are as follows:

  • Half day – £350
  • Full day – £600
  • For locations further afield please contact me for a fee

Zoom training:

  • 1 hour (e.g. staff meeting) – £100
  • 2 hour training session – £200
  • 3 hour training session – £300

Online Courses:

The online courses are £25 each for video content of approximately an hour. There is a bundle of courses offering 3 courses for £65, saving £10. 

Can I book a shorter session over Zoom to fit into a team/staff meeting?

Shorter sessions can be arranged, for example to fit into a staff meeting. The fee for a 1 hour bespoke session over Zoom is £50. Please contact me with your requirements in terms of content.

What do you provide during a consultancy visit?

I offer a friendly, warm and constructive approach to consultancy that provides you with honesty, respectful dialogue and practical support.

Some of the areas I can support with include:

  • An audit of the environment to help make adaptations to support children’s well-being
  • Observations of practice with feedback
  • Guidance on resources to support well-being and emotion coaching
  • Support with writing policies on behaviour, well-being and emotional literacy and intelligence
  • Support for managers, deputies and SENCos with training needs

Parent 1-1 FAQ

How many sessions will I need?

Every parent and family situation is different so it is tricky to say exactly how many sessions will be needed. Some parents choose to have one session and this is enough for them to make the changes they want to. Others feel they would benefit from a little more support and have regular sessions over a period of several months. As a guide, if you plan for 3-6 sessions, this is usually enough to enable us to make progress towards your goals and find solutions to any challenges you may be experiencing.

Isn’t parenting a natural thing? Shouldn’t my instincts be enough? I feel like I shouldn’t need help!

Firstly, it is always ok to need – and ask for – help! Parenting definitely doesn’t always come easily to everyone, and even when it does, that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges that come up. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Today, the village around each of us has got considerably smaller, so many parents choose to reach out for a little extra support. Many parents also find it helpful to talk to someone who isn’t in their immediate family or friendship circle. Our aim is to help you listen to your own instincts, share any information that may be helpful, and support you in finding solutions to challenges.

Do you advocate one particular parenting approach/style?

We want to work with each parent in the way that is right for their family, and sometimes that means looking at different approaches and ways of doing things. We won’t ever suggest or endorse strategies that could be harmful to a child’s well-being, regardless of whether they are currently popular or advocated for by others.


Here are some of the approaches to children and families that inspire us:


Emotional Intelligence, Literacy and Well-being

There are many people who have contributed to our understanding in this area – amongst them Sue Gerhardt, Graham Music, Daniel Goleman, Alfie Kohn and Brene Brown. Emotional well-being is at the heart of our work, and underpins all of our dreams, values and actions.


Kids Love Nature Kindergartens

Sarah has spent many years working with this group of kindergartens whose focus is on connecting children to the natural world. We continue to take inspiration – as parents and at Cocoro – from Kids Love Nature’s commitment to connecting children to nature, creating synergy between indoor and outdoor spaces, promoting resilience, and providing adventure and fun for children.


The Montessori Approach to Education

Maria Montessori was an educator who came up with development-based environments and inspiring approaches to supporting children from birth to adulthood. We have been influenced by Montessori ideas in our own parenting, and at Cocoro.


Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE)

Magda Gerber’s approach to children focuses on respect, sensitive interactions, awareness, and seeing children as active participants in the world. The RIE philosophy of respect, trust and seeing babies as competent individuals with thoughts and feelings of their own resonates strongly with us as parents and in our work.


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