About Childhood Understood

 My aim is to help parents, families, practitioners and teachers understand children more deeply and how to best support them, particularly when times get tricky. 

What I Offer…

  • Training sessions on attachment, big feelings, supporting behaviour, co-regulation strategies and emotional well-being tools.
  • A focus on understanding children as much as skill development because this is where change to practice starts.
  • 1-1 appointments to answer your questions and help problem-solve.
  • Ask specific questions about practice, or seek advice on strategies for individual children
  • 1-1 appointments via Zoom
  • Help with problem-solving anything from sibling relationships to listening, transitions to toileting, and emotional “meltdowns” to sleep
  • Support and guidance when you are not sure what else to try
  • Parent Workshops and Q&A Sessions

Created by a qualified, experienced early childhood and parenting specialist

Research and evidence-based information and strategies that really work

Connected, responsive approaches with well-being at the heart of everything we do

Our mission is help make every childhood understood

Parent Support

We just wanted to say thanks so much! We love talking to you and value your opinions so much! I feel like my mind has got a breath of fresh air to it and feel like I understand him so much more! Parent
Sarah has been phenomenal and I honestly couldn’t recommend her more highly. She brings so much warmth and empathy into the discussion. She really held our child’s perspective at the centre of conversations which was such a relief as there is always the worry that people will judge or dislike your child when you explain the challenging behaviour. After each session she provided a comprehensive plan based on her observations, with practical steps to improve things. And while her suggestions were always completely spot on, I think the most helpful thing was not feeling alone with the challenges - knowing there was someone who gets it and who is aligned with how I want to parent. Sarah is honestly just the loveliest person and brilliant at what she does. You could never regret approaching her for support. Parent L
I came away feeling confident and equipped with tips. Sarah is so gentle in approach and yet shares such deep wisdom. Parent R
Everything you said has made so much sense and he seems so much more content! He listens a lot more now and we feel more like a team! I don't know how to put into words how glad I am that we have found you and your advice! We are so, so grateful and you've made our family so much more like a team and happy…” Parent

New for 2024: Online Content & Courses for Toddler Parents!

Our experience of parenting – and our children’s experience of being parented – changes when we change the way we see children. Our online content is easy to watch, in bite-size chunks that work for a busy parent lifestyle, and it contains lots of incredible tips and strategies that really work.