Parent & Professional Testimonials

I came away feeling confident and equipped with tips. Sarah is so gentle in approach and yet shares such deep wisdom...​
Rachel, parent
If you need any guidance / support with your little ones and understanding them and their behaviour better, Sarah is a breath of fresh air who is super knowledgeable.
Helen, parent and co-owner of The Mummas Village
We approached Sarah as we were really struggling with our son’s outbursts and supporting him to play independently. Sarah has been phenomenal and I honestly couldn’t recommend her more highly. She is generous with her time and brings so much warmth and empathy into the discussion. After each session she provided a comprehensive plan based on her observations, with practical steps to improve things. And while her suggestions were always completely spot on, I think the most helpful thing was not feeling alone with the challenges - knowing there was someone who gets it and who is aligned with how I want to parent. Sarah is honestly just the loveliest person and brilliant at what she does. You could never regret approaching her for support.
Lucy, parent
I’ve just listened to the lovely Sarah all about big feelings and how to deal with them. It was one of the most insightful couple of hours I have had in a long time…Sarah is just a fountain of knowledge. (Isabelle, parent and owner of Abel & the Label)
Isabelle, parent and owner of Abel & the Label
We just wanted to say thanks so much! We love talking to you and value your opinions so much! I feel like my mind has got a breath of fresh air to it and feel like I understand him so much more!​
Everything you said has made so much sense and he seems so much more content! He listens a lot more now and we feel more like a team! I don't know how to put into words how glad I am that we have found you and your advice! We are so, so grateful and you've made our family so much more like a team and happy
My staff have loved your training videos…they all found them interesting & helpful and felt that they would apply the training in the setting. Best response I’ve ever had to online training and the positive feedback was unanimous across the whole team.
Tina, nursery owner
The course was delivered in such a friendly and easy to understand way. Sarah was brilliant and was open to our questions and helped to answer them in a way we could understand. Many courses I've been on are very textbook driven but Sarah was different; she delivered it in a way which was more down to earth and spoke from experience and passion. Thank you and will definitely be using her website and courses again.
Kelly, early years practitioner
I would like to thank you, wholeheartedly. I have seen a huge difference in the team recently - changes in how they approach children and the way they speak to them. The validation of feelings is incredible…the investment the team have put into safe spaces and enhancing these with resources and ideas just blows my mind.
Karen, nursery manager
Sarah always makes people feel at ease from the moment you speak or meet her. She is extremely understanding and is able to use her expert knowledge to help so many children, families and practitioners. She has an excellent understanding of child development and has a superb way of teaching others. Her passion for wanting the very best for children and families is inspiring.
Hayley, nursery manager
Please thank Sarah for a beautiful, soul-warming perspective today. Her guidance of respect, dignity and support is so constructive and developmental for the children and the adults! I wish she was in leadership for a national government programme!​
early years teacher