Parent Appointments

I work gently and responsively. I don’t advocate cry it out, sleep training or approaches to behaviour that cause unnecessary distress or stress to children. My approach is rooted in responsive parenting and teaching.
My aim is to help parents, families, practitioners and teachers understand children more deeply and how to best support them, particularly when times get tricky. When we change how we see children, everything else starts to fall into place.

What I Offer

Practical advice

I’ve spent two decades learning, researching and putting what I’ve learned into practice. Plus, I continue to learn, research and reflect so you can be reassured I will never give you advice just because it’s what I learned or did 20 years ago!

A listening ear

Sometimes this alone can work wonders. Talking things through with someone who isn’t a family member or friend can be hugely helpful.

Moral support

Most of us need this at one time or another. I can help you make a plan for what you want to do, provide support along the way, and help you work through any challenges that arise.

Sessions, Fees and Booking

Sessions are 60 minutes long and are carried out on Zoom. I offer appointments during the week, and have a limited number of evening and Saturday appointments available as well. Fees are £50 per session.

Please email or use the ‘contact’ form on this website if you have any questions and to book.

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