Childhood Understood

In my work with parents, teachers, students and business owners, everything I do is underpinned by helping children’s emotional well-being. It’s my passion, it’s the reason I do what I do, the reason I started Cocoro, and it’s what matters most in my parenting. 

If you are a regular to my website, Facebook groups or training sessions, you’ll have seen I use the tagline “Childhood Understood” when talking about what I do.


And here’s why. Put simply, when we understand children, it’s so much easier to be the type of parent or teacher we want to be. 

We tend to talk about different parenting and teaching styles, and of course that’s helpful to a degree. It helps us figure out who we want to be and how we want to see and communicate with children. You may know you want to be a gentle, connected & responsive parent or teacher. But being that person isn’t always easy. 

What can actively help us in our parenting or teaching? Developing a skill set based in communication, responsiveness and co-regulation is incredibly helpful. But first, we need to understand the child in front of us. Understand childhood. Perhaps even, understand the child we once were. 

Why do they have such enormous meltdowns? 

Why is it so hard for them to have self-control?

Why are their inner worlds so seemingly complex? 

Why do I find myself so triggered by a child’s feelings and actions? 

Yup, that last one is in there because our childhoods matter too. Our experiences of being parented affect how we see children, and how we see ourselves. Committing to work on ourselves and process our own childhood experiences can be a valuable part of the journey.

These questions and more make such a difference when we need to find the person we want to be for our children or the children we work with. That’s why I want to help make childhood understood.

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