Babies Learning to Sleep

Sleep is possibly one of the toughest things about parenting.

If you don’t want to sleep train, are there any quick – and truly gentle – fixes? Well, sometimes a few tweaks can definitely make a difference. These include –

* Adjusting timings or sleep pressure

* A calm & connected routine

* Baby sleeping in their own space (only after 6 months)

* Adjusting the environment (light, sound, temperature)

* Consistency

* Layered sleep associations

* Checking for allergies or other issues

* For toddlers – sleep tools, supporting separation anxiety & big feelings, gently moving on from co-sleeping

But we need to remember sleep is not a one size fits all. We need to remember that few babies actually sleep through the night and even in toddlers night waking can be normal. Sleeping through in a baby means 5-6 hours, not 12 hours.

We live in a world where parents are told babies should sleep through from a very young age. Not only is this unrealistic it is also important to know that frequent waking is a protective factor in very young babies.

If you got lucky & have a sleeper – amazing! If you didn’t – I know from firsthand experience that it’s tough, I know you’re exhausted. I know you wish there was a quick fix.

Your baby will sleep one day. This won’t last forever. Right now, they are young. They need us to reassure them & support them.

If you are reading this & just needed to know it’s ok that your baby doesn’t sleep through yet, I’m glad you’re here & I’m sending you love. If you are struggling & would like some gentle & respectful sleep support I can help you to make a plan using some of those “tweaks” that can sometimes make a huge difference, feel free to contact me for an appointment. Wherever you are on your sleep journey, hang in there 🤍